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Online Dating, It's Legitimate and it works!
Date 2012-05-07 | Views  1379

As a general rule, the term "online dating" will incite a resounding groan among real life and internet communities alike. Pesky advertisements flood everything from search engines to Facebook, begging users to use the advertised site to find love or sex. Online dating is almost universally seen as a worthless scam or a hopeless attempt to create a relationship out of thin air. The people around you look down on the idea of online dating because they believe that you can only have a good, lasting romantic relationship with someone you know in person.

And these people are wrong.

1 in 5 users of online dating sites actually marry someone they met online, according to research done by the consumer group Which?. That's an unbelievably high number, but it doesn't sound too impressive until you consider the fact that (significantly) fewer than one in five real life relationships actually result in marriage. Consider also that not everyone who uses online dating sites is actually looking for marriage. Some people just want to get to know someone, or get an excuse to be somewhere and make their life more interesting. It's not possible to gather an exact ratio (1 in 3, 1/2, etc.) from these common sense points, but we can gather that online dating is a lot more successful than most people assume it to be.

Success, in this case, isn't even being measured by a diverse selection of criterion. No, in this case, the only thing we're looking at is marriage. The real deal. Tying the knot. Sadly, marriage isn't a perfect indicator of true love, but you at least have to have faith in the idea that you could get along with someone for the rest of your life to even consider it. If you're looking to use an online dating site for something other than marriage, your odds of finding someone with whom you are compatible is incredibly high. If you have a persevere personality, it's virtually guaranteed.

Really, it shouldn't be as mind-blowing as it is. We get along better with people who have similar traits, likes, and dislikes. It's a fact of human psychology that we love to ignore because we're afraid to accept it. Quite often, you'll hear that a successful relationship is built off of complementary traits. That is, one's likes and strengths counteract the other's dislikes and weaknesses. We change our minds about whether similar or different is better depending on the person we're with or who we're interested in. It's just our nature. No matter what we convince ourselves, however, the widely researched and supported fact doesn't change: Similar is better. Online dating is dedicated solely to finding a good match, someone with similar taste, leaving few holes or flaws in its basic philosophy.

From saucy flings, to casual relationships, to marriage, online dating is advisable for those looking for a special someone. So, if you're tired of being single but don't have the chance to meet other singles, this is not only plausible, but supported by billions of years of evolution, or God-given psychology, whichever you believe. You shouldn't have any problem finding someone who believes the same as you, though, if you use online dating.


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