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How your Dog can get you a Date!
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You still haven't found your true love even though you have spent evenings browsing the produce department at the grocery store, way too much time hanging out in bars, or hours sweating it out at the gym.  The countless blind dates you have been set up on by well-meaning friends and family just haven't produced the right person.

Walking your dog is one of the best ways to increase your chance of meeting people.  Dogs serve as a social ice-breaker giving people a chance to strike up a conversation in a safe, non-threatening manner.   Many people are understandably wary of approaching a stranger on the street but feel comfortable stopping to admire your dog.  It gives you a common interest with others and you may find yourself talking to strangers as if they were old friends!  Meeting another dog walker gives you the opportunity to suggest a play date for your dogs.  Being rejected for a date for your dog is less painful than personal rejection! 

This article is not advocating getting a dog just to get dates!  Dogs are a big responsibility, not a plaything that you take out only when it's convenient.  Dogs need lots of love and attention, daily care in feeding watering, grooming, and exercise, and regular visits to the veterinarian.  Pets require a commitment of your time and money.   The dog should be your companion and considered a member of your family. 

"Love me, love my pet" is a chorus often heard by those who date dog owners.  It's not unusual for a pet lover to find themselves in a relationship with a partner who doesn't care for dogs.  Quite often the result is that the partner goes while the pet stays.  Dogs offer a devoted, unconditional love that never fails, even after the human relationship is over.  Finding a significant other who shares your love of dogs, and especially your dog, is a strong point on which to build a relationship.

There are singles web sites that are devoted to pet lovers.  The founder of, Robert Yau, noticed while walking his dog Hershey how many people would stop and speak to dog walkers.  He began a pet lovers' web site in 2004 that had 1000 members before it got out of beta, and the numbers are still growing.  This site matches animals lovers and can also find a date for your pet, a sort of built-in double date! 

In addition to providing matchmaking, pet lovers' sites also allow the members to share information about weekend events and advice on pet care, grooming salons, veterinarians, pet stores, and other aspects of pet ownership.  You don't necessarily have to be looking for your true love; you may also make new friendships based on your common bond.

Taking your dog to other places where pets are welcomed and encouraged is another way to cross paths with pet lovers perhaps meeting that special one or making new friends.  Veterinarians' offices, dog parks, dog training classes, dog shows and pet stores are always teeming with people who love their dogs are eager to tell you all about their pet, or ask about yours. 

Snap on Sparkey's leash and take him for a walk.  You might meet that special someone right around the next corner!

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