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When, Where, and with Whom to Flirt
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Flirting is a socially acceptable behavior in many cultures.  However, when and where we flirt is often dictated by the social mores of our society.  In some situations, flirting is not only acceptable, but also, it is expected.  Yet, under other circumstances, flirting of any kind is totally unacceptable.  If an individual pays attention to social norms and mores, he or she will be more successful with flirting.

Certain events- parties, carnivals, and celebrations of almost any nature lend themselves to a more relaxed atmosphere with fewer restrictions and therefore, flirting becomes more acceptable and successful at these places.  Knowing when and where flirting is socially sanctioned can be critical.  No one wants to look like a fool when they flirt. However, no one wants to avoid flirting and miss out on an opportunity to connect with a soul mate either.

Flirting with strangers can be more dangerous than flirting with known acquaintances. Therefore, caution should be exercised whenever you are in an unfamiliar location with people you don't know. However, every female should be careful in every situation and limit her flirting to a level that she can handle. 

Public places that indicate a desire for privacy, such as corner booths and tables, often preclude flirtatious behavior in a safe manner.  However, the bar counter is perfect for flirting.  Since lots of people congregate there, the atmosphere is perfect for striking up a conversation or engaging in a bit of flirtatious banter. Everyone expects it and few people seem to mind it.

Likewise, flirting with acquaintances should be toned down at the workplace. No matter what type of business or company you work for, flirting while at work is a bad idea. In the first place, it is unprofessional. In the second place, it is likely to lead to other coworkers getting the wrong idea either about you and the people you are flirting with or about the type of behavior they might be able to participate in with you.

Finally, flirting with your partner is definitely a racier proposition and it is one that should occur on a regular basis. No matter how long you and your partner have been together, flirting with each other is a good way to keep the romance up. Keep the flirting to a minimum in public places, especially those with small children around. Flirting with a partner can quickly get out of hand and lead to more than flirtatious behavior.  

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