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Shy Dating Tips
Date 2014-01-03 | Views  966

Shyness can sometimes feel like a debilitating disease to those who suffer with it. They have constant worry about social situations and avoid these settings for fear they will embarrass themselves. Dating can be awkward if you are shy, but there are certain things you can do to make yourself appear more confident.

Body Language
When you are shy you often reveal yourself to others through your body language. You will appear guarded and have difficulty communicating with the people around you. To avoid appearing shy on a date always make eye contact. Look directly at your date when either one of you is speaking, but avoid staring. Smile frequently, because it will help relax the rest of your face making you feel more confident. Additionally, be sure to stand and sit with good posture. Sitting hunched over or crossing your arms in front of you will make you appear less confident and nervous.

Pay attention to your dates body language and responses to you. If they smile while they are talking to you and continue to chat that is a good sign. Leaning towards you and any casual touching is also an indication of interest in you. Don't be alarmed if they are initially reserved, because there are other shy people in the world besides you.

Talk the Talk
For a shy person it can be tough to be conversational when they first meet a person. In fact many shy people describe themselves as chatty once you get to know them. Well, when you are on a first date you may not have the time to show a person your chatty side later. You can start off on a good note by offering your date a compliment. Stick to something safe or humorous rather than physical. Compliment their outfit or give them kudos for answering a question with an answer you agree with. Always ask open ended questions that will keep the conversation flowing between the two of you.

The most important thing for a shy person to remember is to stay present. Don't let yourself drift off into your own thoughts. Keep the interaction and conversation flowing between you and your date. Once you practice these techniques a few times they will become second nature to you and going on a date will be a breeze.

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