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» When, Where, and with Whom to Flirt
Date 2010-12-21 | Views  1459 | Dating |

Flirting is a socially acceptable behavior in many cultures. However, when and where we flirt is often dictated by the social mores of our society. In some situations, flirting is not only acceptable, but also, it is expected.

» How your Dog can get you a Date!
Date 2011-09-28 | Views  1517 | Dating |

You still haven't found your true love even though you have spent evenings browsing the produce department at the grocery store, way too much time hanging out in bars, or hours sweating it out at the gym. The countless blind dates you have been set up on by well-meaning friends and family just haven't produced the right person.

» Online Dating, It's Legitimate and it works!
Date 2012-05-07 | Views  1379 | Dating |

As a general rule, the term “online dating” will incite a resounding groan among real life and internet communities alike. Pesky advertisements flood everything from search engines to Facebook, begging users to use the advertised site to find love or sex.

» How to Ask Someone Out
Date 2012-08-07 | Views  1309 | Dating |

See that girl? The one in the red dress and the bright, effervescent smile, the one you would love to talk to, to get to know, to ask out. You make an effort. You get off your seat and walk up towards her, a drink in hand, muttering under your breath, role playing what you will say to her.

» Five Free Dates
Date 2013-01-06 | Views  1295 | Dating |

Are the repetitive "dinner and a movie" date nights ruining your relationship? If they haven't yet, they will shortly. Save yourself the money and sanity before it is too late. Check out these five inexpensive, yet exciting dates to try.

» Shy Dating Tips
Date 2014-01-03 | Views  966 | Dating |

Shyness can sometimes feel like a debilitating disease to those who suffer with it. They have constant worry about social situations and avoid these settings for fear they will embarrass themselves. Dating can be awkward if you are shy, but there are certain things you can do to make yourself appear more confident.

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